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Worldwide Leader in Dissolved Air Flotation Units


Poseidon uses proven technology to separate oil from water.

The design of Poseidon API 421 units provides cost efficient separation and a long service life.

The Poseidon compact vertical separator is designed with limited available space applications in mind with the capability to handle high flow capacities.

Individual unit flow capacities of up to 625 m3/h (2500 usgpm). Sizing depends on the oil/water characteristics, such as specific gravity and temperature.

Multiple units can be used to meet specific project requirements.


Poseidon Oil/Water Separators

Poseidon Oil/Water separators are designed to meet strict industry standards and to facilitate compliance to environmental regulations.

Different stainless steel grades, such as 304L, 316L and Duplex 2205 and other corrosion-resistant materials used for construction are used to fit to process needs. Poseidon Oil/Water separators are prefabricated packaged units allowing for reduced installation costs.

Poseidon Oil/Water API 421 Separators

Designed to API 421 requirements, Poseidon API separators include an oil/sludge flight collector system, rotary drum skimmer and slotted-pipe skimmer.


Poseidon Oil/Water Vertical Separators

Poseidon Oil/Water vertical separators can be used in place of API 421 separators where space is limited. This is achieved by the unit’s compact vertical design providing a relatively small installed footprint. The unit requires minimal maintenance due to virtually no moving parts.