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Worldwide Leader in Dissolved Air Flotation Units


Poseidon units are designed to meet strict industry standards and to facilitate compliance to environmental regulations.

Easy to operate, Poseidon’s equipment is very compact for space savings yet delivers high performance.

A wide variety of sizes and configurations are offered to accommodate different flow ranges providing superior performance over competitive technologies.


High Performance and Operational Flexibility

  • High TSS capture rate ( 95% or better)
  • High float/sludge consistency
  • Easily handles upstream variations in flow rate and contaminant concentration

Low Operating Costs

  • Efficient polymer consumption
  • Minimal operator monitoring required
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Complete corrosion-resistant construction

Low Installation Costs

  • Modular and pre-mounted units
  • Space-efficient small footprint
  • Minimal field erection time: unload, position and connect