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Worldwide Leader in Dissolved Air Flotation Units


Poseidon equipment has proven its effectiveness in treating water and wastewater in many industries and challenging applications.



For oil refinery wastewater applications Poseidon DAF and DGF/DNF units and oil/water separators are made with the most reliable components to ensure safety, improve operations reliability and to reduce maintenance costs. Poseidon wastewater treatment equipment is designed to meet strict industry standards and to facilitate compliance to environmental regulations.

  • Upstream, midstream, downstream
  • Free oil & grease and suspended solids removal from water
  • Emulsified oil & grease removal from water
  • Individual process water streams (desalter brine, coke cutting water…)
  • Plant effluent water treatment
  • Biological treatment effluent clarification (ex.: activated sludge, aerated lagoon, etc…)